Napoo healing is the first and only paranormal therapy in the world. Napoo Paranormal therapy is based on ancient sciences that has benefited thousands of people to get rid of paranormal sufferings. Napoo healing do not promote any kind of superstitions and aim to cure paranormal problems logically and scientifically.

Napoo Foundation, apart from providing individual paranormal healing, also provides learning opportunities to interested people. Napoo foundation has launched paranormal courses that help you deep dive into the corners of the paranormal world and help you learn techniques to protect yourself and others against paranormal problems.

Napoo Foundation

Upgrade Your Healing Skills into Paranormal Healing !

Napoo paranormal courses provides you a glimpse into the secretive and mysterious paranormal world. Napoo foundation's paranormal courses imparts knowledge about the active spirit world. It explains the proper functioning of all paranormal activities and provides steps and measures to nullify all kinds of evil effect.

These courses has been designed for both aspiring as well as experienced candidates who want to acquaint themselves and gain knowledge on the various subject areas associated with the paranormal world. These courses will give you an introduction to the paranormal activity and will help you deep dive into the infinite hidden knowledge of it.

These courses aims at preparing the candidates with requisite knowledge to deal with the paranormal problems. Napoo Foundation is helping you to become your own paranormal guide and healer through paranormal courses.


Napoo paranormal energy course is to learn about various modes of energy which affects life.

  • Effects of paranormal energy
  • Paranormal energy calculation
  • Movement of paranormal energy
  • Consequences of paranormal energy

Language: English

Charges: 31000/- INR



Napoo paranormal healing course is for individuals to eradicate paranormal energy without depending on any healer or remedy.

  • When you have unseen and unusual paranormal problems.
  • When no one is understanding your paranormal problems.
  • When all popular alternative remedies fail against your paranormal problems.

Language: English

Charges: 31000/- INR



Napoo paranormal therapist course is for professionals to understand paranormal world and to learn paranormal calculation. This course provides a detailed knowledge on the skills required to understand the presence of paranormal activity and thereafter, tackling them to provide relief to the victim. These skills are for the 21st century healer, and have been modified according to today’s requirements with utmost precision and logic.

Language: English

Charges: 51000/- INR


Turn Your Passion into Profession.

Napoo paranormal courses are available for individuals, retired, housewives, energy healers, readers, therapist, psychics, mediums, consultants, healing practitioners and alternative therapist to upgrade their paranormal healing skills and knowledge. Napoo Paranormal healing is one of the fastest growing professions now-a-days. Initiating a Paranormal therapist can start with good earning and there is no limit of earning by time and experience and depends on interest and hard work.

  • Unique teachings and training with scientific methods
  • Required discussion and Guidance on Mobile or video chat
  • Life time support from Napoo Foundation

Napoo paranormal courses are not available online and are taught in person for effective learning and training.

Course Package Available !

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Founder : Vijay Batra (Karmalogist)

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