Paranormal Therapist in INDIA

Our health can be categorised into three categories which need to be taken care of, or else it may become a cause of sufferings.

These are as follows:

  1. Mental health
  2. Physical health
  3. Paranormal health

Physical health is given utmost importance because its symptoms are visible and it can be scanned by medical technology. Mental health is very important, since it is related to our inner peace and satisfaction. Health issues related to mental health are detected by habits and behaviours. The third category of health relates to paranormal world, which is highly ignored by most of the people as it is invisible and can only be felt.

Napoo Foundation provides you a platform to become a certified Napoo Paranormal Therapist. You can help your patients in following paranormal health issues:

  • When patient have unseen and unusual paranormal problems.
  • When no one is understanding patient about paranormal problems.
  • When all popular alternative remedies fail against patient’s paranormal problems.

for detail information about Napoo paranormal therapist, visit website:

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